Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Wedding Dress

Here are photographs of my first wedding dress prototype. Basically it is a knit dress with white press studs attached, there are a also a series of objects or pieces which have been bound and are quite stiff in order to hold pressure. The idea behind this garment revolves around the idea that objects can become fashion, and how objects can relate to the body if a basic 'shadow' of a garment is first created.


The objects are mounted onto the garment in an arrangement that is subject to the personal preference of the bride, although it contains simular elements to a traditional wedding dress these are deconstructed and broken apart, like the codes that are applied to this occaision, and the objects therefore beoome more than 'clothing' or a reference to 'fashion' but are a subjective way of personal expression.


As in Dysfashional; emerging codes imply new processes, and it allows the bride to feel her body differently, imposing an original experience of herself and her environment.

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