Thursday, June 10, 2010


Quotes from parts of the text I found interesting that relate to my studio experimentation

1. "It is possible to isolate in fashion discourse certain risidual codes that have been consolidated in the past, dominant codes which reflect the present adequately and emerging codes which imply new processes."

2. "Fashion contributes to the creation of identity based on the social representation of the self typical of the modern age as well as its more fluent, more complex and fragmented manifestations, typical of post-modern culture. It allows us to communicate who we are, who we wish to be and to mingle with others. However, through emerging codes, we're noticing the supplanting of this phase in favor of cases where the object assumes a real form of autonomy."

3. "The 'dysfunctional' elements of fashion, that is to say the elements that resist and oppose a definition of that world in terms of beautiful commercial objects, images and standardized products of identity."

4. "It is the public, the spectator, the uaser, and also the customer who seeks through fashion, a dimension of adventure, a way to escape or transform daily life."

5. "The idea of post-style refers to that moment when the icon proliferates, becomes plural and cancels itself."

6. "Clothing constrains the body, distorts it, orientates its perception, imprints sensations, interacts with individuals not only through image but also through proprioception and movement."

7. "A different pair of trousers, a winder belt, or a heavier or tighter shirt allows us to feel our body differently, imposing an original experience of ourselves and our environment."

8. "Dysfashional shows that fashion is, beyond the objects that materialize it, an unstable state of sensibility."

9. "Designers such as Rei Kawakubo or Yohji Yamamoto concentrate their research on clothing structure, texture and sensation, becoming less and less interested in the problem of style."


  1. i heard it's more likely for African Americans to become public icons than that of their south American (Latin) counterparts. icons in that their style is replicated and mimicked by a youth majority in at least 4 continents, also, their combined television air time adds up to approximately 3 minutes per every hour of regular television viewing.

  2. the approximate percentage being 1/32,534 to 1/78,943 respectively