Sunday, June 20, 2010


1. Fashion-ology is concerned with the social production process of the belief in fashion which exists in people's minds, and which begins to have a substance and life of its own. items of clothing must go through the process of transformation to be labeled as fashion.

2. Differentiate; fashion production & fashion consumption and clothing production & clothing consumption.

3. Fashion as a belief is manifested through clothing.

4. Fashion is an intangible object. fashion is not a material product but a symbolic product which has no content substance by/in itself.

5. (doesn't really relate to my project but is interesting) Female fashion constitutes novelty and change, two important characteristics of fashion; the male population dresses conservatively in the workplace although leisure clothing seems to be gradually replacing traditional business clothing as in the 'business casual' dress code in force in many firms. Traditional male clothing styles have remained static- a characteristic which has little space in the realm of fashion. Therefore, whilst men tend to be defined by their occupation, women's social roles are often discussed within the framework of women's interests in fashion and their supposed obsession with beauty.

6. Fashion as non-verbal language

7. 'Fashion is capitalism's favourite child' Sombard (1967).

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