Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fashion designers thoughts on the industry:

Some quotes I have stumbled accross while writing a DAS essay:
they are very intersting to me in relation to this studio.

‘John Galliano claims that “The only way to get forward in fashion is to return to construction,” while Karl Lagerfeld has expressed the opinion that the only thing that can be new about fashion is the material. The twentieth-century French philosopher Jean Baudrillard (b. 1929) takes the view that the body no longer exists and has said, “in this new erotic world every illusionistic element is missing....The body is present, even over-exposed, but only as part of the technical equiptment”.
(Affaticati 2005)

“The future of fashion? It has none. The trend is no fashion. We are getting nakeder and nakeder.” Thierry Mugler
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“Some day we will blow clothes the way we blow glass. Its ridiculous that fabric should be cut up to make a flat thing to go round a round person”. Mary Quant 1967
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‘Designers have long been enamored of the possibilities that technology affords them. Nicole Miller used Scotchguard- the same material used to creat erelfective stripes on road crews’ uniforms- to make her dresses glow in the dark. The designer Miuccia Prada embroidered shirts made of latex and used mirrors, in lieu of sequins and rhinestones, to adorn her dresses. Donne Karan used non-rip paper- best known in the form of Federal Express envelopes- to create cocktail dresses. Yet this experimentation with high-tech fabrics is often little more than a gimmick. After all, who really needs a $1,00 dress that glows in the dark?’ (Affaticati 2005)

Yamamoto often experiments with innovations in technical textiles and new synthetics, he also fondly executes his designs with unconventional natural materials. A vest and skirt ensemble made entirely of hinged wood slats from his fall/winter 1991 collection demonstrates a dedication to communicating the raw visual distinctions of planar form..........
(this totally relates- pity there are no images of it that I can find on the internet....)

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