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What is your project about/what are you researching?
I am interested in the differences between materials on the body and off. Specifically I am interested in materials that are not considered ‘garments’ when they are not anchored to the body or built in relation to the body but once applied offer protection or adornment and could therefore be considered a garment. I am researching therefore the limitations of a garment in a traditional sense, that being both the fabrication and structure. I plan to research this by creating a list of ‘rules’ or specifications upon which a garment must follow, and then with that list experiment with a range of non-traditional materials onto the body. In the future of the project I hope to either present these experimentations as my final design outcomes to challenge the ideas of ‘fashion’ and ‘garments’ or take these experiments and create more refined design options to inspire conventional aspects of ‘fashion design’ i.e. using textiles.

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If I covered a person in feathers would you consider them clothed? Would you then consider a body of feathers to be a 'garment'?

I am researching the difference between:

Materials vs. materials applied or anchored to the body = which constitute garments? Can they both be considered garments? Does something need to be applied to the body to be a garment? Could a fashion designer still create garments using materials other than fabric or textile matter? Could fashionable items also become fashionable clothing if applied to the body?

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Margiela Jacket made of paper

What outcomes do you have in mind?
Ideally I would like to experiment with enough objects to become inspired completely originally to create a formula for the definition of a garment. With this limitation I hope to create clothing that is made for the body.

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Objects as clothing and accessories- styled by Nicola Formichetti

How are you going to go about making the project?
Random experimentation- for example standing in the city and walking 100 steps in every direction, and documenting the object found at the end of this quest both on and off the body. In this uncontrolled situation is it possible to broaden the ideas of necessary fabrication in fashion and clothing production. Also I plan to refine my ideas of experimentation into more accessible mediums such as replication and repetition of images collected through illustrator and lifting interesting lines or silhouettes to create other garment ideas. Or creating a new material that is inspired by the experimental material or applied to the body in a similar fashion although is made from a fabrication that I have been taught how to create desired effects with, i.e. fabric.

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Experimentation with 'traditional' fabrics- Margiela created PLASTIC fur jackets

Who are some of the artists/designers who relate to your project and why?

Christian Boltanski- who uses clothing as objects in gallery spaces
Nicola Formichetti- a stylist who uses experimental materials to create clothing and fashion looks
Martin Margiela- a fashion designer who uses non-traditional materials frequently to create fashionable garments such as jackets made from soccer balls.
Jeremy Dhennin- a French fashion designer who recently graduated from Le Cambre Mode in Paris who created garment silhouettes out of paper )

I need to also find some more artist/designers who relate to my project.

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Margiela soccer ball jacket

Timeline- plan of how you will be spending your time over the next 7 weeks.

Week 8- Random sourcing of objects and documentation, also research into other artists
Week-9- Experimentation of found objects & creation of garment definition rules
Week 10- Refined design for garments through experimentation and fabrication research
Week 11- Cutting/Sewing Garments
Week 12- Cutting/Sewing Garments
Week 14- Cutting/Sewing Garments
Week 15- Presentation

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Comme Des Garcon shoes - using traditional materials (leather) and applied to the traditional area for shoes (feet) and yet the relation to the body with the drawn toes creates an element of interest. Are these leather shoes feet? Are these leather feet shoes?

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