Sunday, April 11, 2010

First response to Shadow

I'm not sure if I did the wrong thing in week 1 by choosing a printed jersey as my material to experiment in, I may have to do the response again?

Grizzly Bear film clips are the best!

I just really like the idea that jersey can stretch over any form and that you can use a billion different machines to fix it all together (didn't do stretch last year and am fascinated and a little jealous!).

Also was thinking about the ideas of print interacting with shadow and whether that would create an interesting textile or aspect of design, or whether print could imply shadow?

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Anyway, here are some images of my first response to shadow, literally creating shadow.
Promise to be more imaginative/inspired by the time the proposal is due, I am thinking of going off in a different direction....relating to the questions from last class!

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love Emily

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